Free Culture Invisible 

is an independent, not-for-profit organization dedicated to celebration and promotion of films and other artistic and cultural expressions produced within or about the Middle East, North Africa and beyond, which may be problematic and challenging within the country of production or focus.

By introducing authors, artists, and filmmakers who may not have access to other venues, FCI provides a forum for dialogue and exchange of ideas. Through nurturing purposeful communication and meaningful cultural exchange, FCI aims to help artists learn and grow by exhibiting their creative works, while encouraging the international public to expand their understanding and knowledge of the works of art they may not otherwise experience.

Critics corner

Book of the Month: Radical Creativity by Kenton Hyatt. Creativity is fascinating. It commands our attention, our respect, and admiration. Just what is it that makes creativity so interesting to us? Radical Creativity suggests that there is one particular and extremely …