Begonia Randhav

Begonia Randhav is  a  Swedish-­‐Kurdish Law School student at Stockholm University. She is a One Young World Ambassador and filmmaker who recently was awarded with the International Humanitarian Platinum Award for her filmmaking and humanitarian work. She combines global issues with her passion of filmmaking and uses it to provoke a discussion.

On the 25th of November in 2014 she launched a campaign film for United Nations Association of Sweden to raise awareness of the International  Day for Elimination of Violence against women. She did that while she was the Millennium Development Goals Ambassador for the United Nations Association of Sweden. The campaign went  viral in Sweden, and  when  she represented Sweden at the One Young World Summit, the world youth leaders and founders of the organization were so affected by the campaign, it went international. She currently works with unaccompanied refugee minors and also within the women’s refugee.