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Radical Creativity

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Radical Creativity by Kenton Hyatt.

Creativity is fascinating. It commands our attention, our respect, and admiration. Just what is it that makes creativity so interesting to us? Radical Creativity suggests that there is one particular and extremely important characteristic about creativity that sets it apart from anything else, it’s like a superpower: creativity has the ability to exceed its present boundaries, no matter what they are, and at any moment in time. This is a nonfiction book that also contains 15 short, imaginative essays which work together with the nonfiction text to form a creative experience for the reader.

Of course Radical Creativity contains discussions about how we tend to limit our own creativity. It also extensively examines the origins of creativity. Creativity is ultimately described as being a relational process that uses both sides of the brain, operating in cyclical patterns, with an additional, autonomous component that arises from the unconscious. This is a very different sort of creativity than what is commonly found in texts and classrooms.

Radical Creativity suggests a model to describe the basic dynamics of creativity, a model which is built on the relationships we have with our surroundings (contexts), the mediums with which we work, and the content or subject matter. All creativity can be examined and described by examining the relationships we have with these three domains, as well as our relationship with the unconscious.

Radical Creativity is for everyone, particularly for those in creative professions: programmers, designers, marketers, advertisers, healthcare professionals, parents, people in relationships, managers, senior executives, anyone engaged in creating a team or organization, artists of every sort, and anyone interested in creating themselves.


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