2019 Festival Cinema Invisible

Siena College, NY
October 18— October 192019

The 7th Annual Festival Cinema Invisible (FCI) Brings World, National and Regional Premier Films TO Loudonville, New York

Friday, October 18 and Saturday, October 19, 2019 at Key Auditorium, Siena College,
515 Loudon Road, Loudonville, NY

Program celebrates contemporary films from the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)


Creative Arts Department, Dr. Lara Whelan, Dr. Krysta Dennis, Mike Lounello, Dr. Beverly Thompson, Victoria Pelcher, Saeed Moradi, Pegah Ebrahimi, Lisa Witkowski, Jason Rich, the FCI Board,
and all filmmakers who submitted their creative works to FCI.

A Note from the President

Every day the news reminds us that the universe we inhabit is not only a very unsafe place to live, but we are in danger of extinction. Destruction of the environment, economic, social and ethical injustice, and conflicts between the people of various cultures, religions, and nationalities, all cause us to live in an atmosphere of constant fears and threats.

The unmatched artist of all times, Shakespeare, places the responsibility of protection and preservation of this universe directly upon our shoulders. He writes “All the world’s a stage and all the men and women merely players.” The greedy politicians have not been able to bring peace and tranquility to the stage of our life, academics have proven less than able to bridge the social, economic or human divide, and many religious leaders have been too concerned with the afterlife to preach tolerance and acceptance. It is left to the activists to oppose prejudice, youth to try to save the environment, and the artists to lead the way to collaborations, dialogues, and negotiation.

As International artists and educators, we believe in making use of the persuasive power of the arts to communicate shared principles of love and compassion, and to build bridges of understanding, tolerance, and reconciliation. Free Culture Invisible LLC www.freecultureinvisible.com was founded to help introduce the work of those artists and intellectuals who are trapped in labyrinths of political, social or economic censorship to a wider audience.

Stressing the human similarities and cultural congruencies, FCI offers an environment conducive to understanding of “the self” and “the other,” as well as a shared personal and cultural experience. Therefore, we hope to make a contribution, however minimal, to understanding, appreciation, and acceptance among people that may otherwise be conflicted.

Cinema Invisible, now in its seventh season, aims to use the arts as a way to open dialogue and understanding among cultures. Cinema Invisible aspires to introduce film, video, music, and art that, in spite of high artistic and technical quality, has been deprived of public exhibition in the country of production.

It is certain that such ambition cannot be realized without your assistance and collaboration. To that end, we are thankful to Siena College’s support in providing the opportunity to reach you, our audience. We are also grateful to you for your enthusiasm and encouragement in fostering this much-needed artistic dialogue. We hope that with your help Free Culture Invisible grows to become a major platform for the artistic and intellectual exchange.

October 2019