Elika Rezaee

Elika Rezaee was born as Elika Rezaee Shoustari in 1985 in Teheran. She studied Graphic Design and also works as a film editor.

Elika Rezaee is 2 year graduated student of Graphic-Computer in Iran. She has started editing since 2002,she became freelance editor in her country in 2006, she has many short films and feature films and documentaries in her editing resume, besides Elika started to make short films about three years ago and her shorts attended in many worldwide festivals which got her many diplomas and awards.

Elika graduated from the AFI Conservatory with an MFA in editing. She has edited multiple feature narrative and documentary films, Including most recently edited,feature -Length Documentaries: “Memorias Del Fuego”2016, “Jews Step Forward”2015 and narrative feature “Automatic at Sea,”2014-15 by Sundance Award-winning filmmaker Matthew Lessner.