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Here you will find a variety of discussions on specific activists, artists, events, ideas, and movements. This is a space to connect with the broader FCI community in order to fulfill our mission of purposeful communication and meaningful cultural exchange. Hence, it is our hope that you will enter these forums with an open heart and open mind and leave with a better understanding of concepts, issues, and works you may not otherwise experience. Thus, we encourage you to register and to begin connecting with our international community.


As this is a space for freedom of expression and thought, FCI stipulates the following:

  1. Please enter these forums with an open heart and open mind. These discussions are meant to facilitate a dialogue between people and subjects that might not otherwise have exposure to each other. Thus, we ask that you keep in mind the intersectionality of other users and their experiences.
  2. Please respect other users. There will be no toleration of purposefully abusive, hateful, or inflammatory posts. This includes but is not limited to ableism, ageism, classism, colorism, harassment, homophobia, racism, sexism, and xenophobia.
  3. Please do not spam. All advertisements, automated messages, and irrelevant links will be deleted.

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